Personal horoscope

This is our birth horoscope, which was formed at the instant when we took our first breath. Our personal horoscope, or radix, enables us to look at ourselves from a different perspective, and look at the deep roots of our being. We are able to identify our strengths and weaknesses, and discover our skills and talents. During the interpretation we look at our character traits, energy, disposition, talents and so on. We can also focus on individual areas of interest, for example family, children, travel, relationships, friends, studies, work, career, finances, health, ambitions, or indeed on our blocks, problems, points of discord, etc.

It usually takes about an hour to interpret a personal horoscope.

Child’s horoscope

This can help to tell parents how to understand their child more easily, and how best to develop his/her unique traits. It can give hints as to how best to bring your child up, so that you support and develop his/her natural talents as much as possible. We look at how to nurture his/her relationship with play as a way of discovering the world. It can help us to recognise the child’s potential more easily, as well as his/her future orientation in life, talents, and so on. We may also discuss the more problematic aspects of the child’s behaviour. There is plenty of time for questions that the parents may wish to explore.

It is ideal to combine the interpretation of your child’s horoscope with a look at the parents’ (adult’s) horoscopes too. In this way, we can for example discover what parents and their children can learn from one another. For those who want to know as much as possible about their child, I recommend starting with your own horoscope, and dealing fully with yourself first, before moving on to learn about your child.

Couple’s horoscope

This is a detailed interpretation focused on the relationship between two people (partners, colleagues, manager/junior, friends, relations, etc.) We observe what kind of relationship they have, its dynamics and the energy flow between the two people, what they can learn from one another, how they can support one another, and what is blocking them or slowing them down. We discuss how they can work together to develop the relationship further. The aim is to enable (both) partners to understand one another better and build a mutual relationship.  

Two individual characters still make the couple, however, and therefore I recommend first reading your individual horoscopes before a joint horoscope interpretation. It is always useful to see the world through the eyes of the other person. 

Personal development horoscope and karmic horoscope

Have you ever wondered what your life’s journey is all about? What your task in life is? Where you came from and where you are headed? What you can give, and what you can learn from life? Do you want to know what preconditions you have for further personal development? This type of horoscope tells us how we can move forward and work with ourselves, so that we move closer to our goals.

Horoscope focused on work, career, and finances

This is a horoscope focused on the professional side of life, including our disposition towards career progression, success and financial reward. If you are interested in what your workload should be, how efficient you are, whether you have what it takes to run a business, whether you are a born salesman, or how to use these talents and apply them to your own profession, then it is a good idea to use this type of horoscope.

Horoscope focused on artistic gifts, talents and learning prerequisites

Choosing the right subject at university (or elsewhere) can be considered a crucial turning point in life. The horoscope that focuses on this area is suitable for detecting the predispositions, talents, and personal qualities that lend themselves to study, whether generally or in detail, focusing on a particular field. This can greatly help us to decide on a field of study, or make a career choice.

Forecast horoscope for the coming year

If you are wondering what the next year will bring, and how you will get along in your professional or private life, then a horoscope focused on a specific period is ideal. We will only look at areas that interest you specifically, and within those we will identify what you should look out for, or be prepared for.

Astro-psychological consultation

Perhaps you are faced with an important decision, or a crisis that needs to be resolved; maybe you are suffering from some blocks or feel that you are not making any progress. Together, we will look at what you are going through, and through the horoscope we will try to find the deeper causes and context of your troubles. The majority of this consultation is devoted to detailed analysis of your current situation. Using the horoscope, we will identify deeper issues, with which we will then work. The aim is to find a solution, a way out of the problém that will bring you closer to your inner energy and joy, and give you direction.