Astrology has always played a very important part in the history of the world; it is a science that goes back thousands of years. In Ancient Egypt, astronomy and astrology were among the temple’s secrets. In Europe, astrology was historically an essential feature of the royal courts, assisted in the political leadership of nations, and also influenced ordinary peoples’ everyday lives. An astrologer was among the most learned people of those times, and was educated in mathematics and astronomy as well, and often also in history, medicine, and other fields. Astrologers were able to predict the harvests, and knew the times of the seasons and eclipses, so was one of a nobleman’s most important advisors.

Astrology is based on the position of the planets at the exact moment of our birth, as seen from a particular location on Earth. The Astrologer’s task is to comprehend the astrological symbolism and interpret it correctly. Astrology uses a symbolic language, and the Astrologer must correctly interpret this language and translate it into words in an understandable way.

It is important to bear in mind that the position of the planets in our horoscope is not the cause of what will happen to us, nor of how we will behave. Our horoscope only reveals our talents, which we can develop, and aspects of our nature that we should be careful of. Whether, and how, we take advantage of these possibilities, depends entirely on us. The stars point things out to us, but do not act on our behalf.

Astrology, through horoscopes, can help us to understand who we are, and to gain an insight into our inner being. It can lead us to self-knowledge, acting as a mirror by which we can discover ourselves. With the help of astrological interpretation, we can better understand our energy, our internal settings, and our potential. It helps us to bridge the gap between unconscious and conscious aspects of our existence.

I very much like working with personal/birth horoscopes, because they reveal the most important aspects of each of us: what kind of person we really are, how we are deep down, where our energy is. They also reveal our blocks, what it is that holds us back, and what moves us forward. They point to our strengths and weaknesses.