Lucie Rozsnyo is an unbelievably friendly and empathetic person. She loves people, listens to them and understands 'imperfection' :) She avoids making shortsighted judgements, and always sees “further”. Her horoscope reading was extremely interesting and, most importantly, very clearly explained. Lucie’s interpretation uncovered some possible reasons why certain things happen in my life as they do, and sensitively shed light on my behaviour. It certainly made me consider what is 'inevitable and given'. I am thrilled with the horoscope and also with Lucie herself; it has helped me to understand what is important, in order to be able to “live with myself”. It has shown me where my strengths lie, and directed me towards a way of correcting my 'sometimes aggressive temperament'. It has encouraged me to try to work with characteristics I percieve as negative and turn them into positives. Each time I talk to Lucie I come away with a wonderful feeling that I am important and unique.



"I wanted to thank you for the horoscope reading, I am delighted! The explanation of the different aspects and their meanings was particularly good. I will probably contact you again, as I think I would like something else. So thank you very much, take care and I wish you all the best."



I have known Lucie all my life, so I can genuinely say that whatever she does, she does with great enthusiasm. That is 200% true when it comes to her horoscope readings. Aside from her kind and distinctive approach, I very much appreciated how she went through every detail that I wanted to understand, and explained everything in layman’s terms, so that I understood it correctly.



I visited Lucy for an analysis focused on work, career. Because I have had in the last few years the feeling that something had to change a profession that perform about 20 years I ceased to meet. I wanted to know the options which does my horoscope and the aspects in it offer. To these questions, I have got answers and I walked away with a clearer head and what's more, it gave me the courage and opened up new possibilities for me. I feel that everything that was tucked and repressed in the gray matter of the brain suddenly seemed to raise to the surface. I'm glad I visited Lucy and thank you.