1.500,- Kč Personal horoscope
1.500,- Kč Child’s horoscope
1.500,- Kč Forecast horoscope for the coming year
1.500,- Kč Horoscope focused on artistic gifts, talents and learning prerequisites
1.500,- Kč Horoscope focused on work, career, and finances
1.500,- Kč Personal development horoscope and karmic horoscope


2.000,- Kč Couple’s horoscope *


Horoscope interpretation takes the form of verbal advice which is 1.5 hour long. It is possible to make an MP3 recording of the session (which is included in the price).

In case of personal consultations I require a 500,- Kč deposit in advance. For consultations over Skype I require the full payment to be made in advance.

*) These type of consultations are offered only to my clients who already have a personal horoscope