My grandmother was the first to teach me about astrology – when I was young she used to tell me about the planets, and how their positions in the sky can affect our fate and character. But it was not until a bit later that I decided I wanted to know more about astrology.

As a teenager, I became interested in various spiritual teachings, because studying them helped me to understand myself better. I started to study astrology while I was at university, and later signed up for a course in modern astrology with Alena Bratková. I then attended a traditional astrology course with Eva Prokešová (herself a pupil of Antonín Baudyš, senior), where I learned the basics of the system.

An astrologer never stops learning, constantly adding to their knowledge through a variety of courses, seminars, lectures, consultations, and through reading. Currently I am complementing my astrological education through consultations in psychological and spiritual astrology, with Eva Prokopcová (who studied under Alice de Silva Lago).

I have recently also been greatly influenced by therapist and astropsychologist Marie Hlávková, who inspired me to work more deeply with the body. In the spring of 2013 I embarked on a course in Biosynthesis therapy.

I am happy to help anyone who feels the need for self-knowledge and self-development.